GGV Documents

Vendor ID Number (VID)

The Vendor Identification (VID) Section is responsible for the maintenance of the Vendor Identification System. Electronic documents, *DEFINE GGVs, initiated at the departmental level are used to establish a VID or make changes to an existing VID. All GGV documents are reviewed and verified with various State of Texas Systems. All vendors classified as individuals, sole proprietors and partnerships, must complete a Payee Identification Form (PIF) before payment can be made.

Command Help

GG3, GG4, and GGV Command Help

GGV Creation Demonstration

VP1 Purchase Order Payment Request (see VID info pages 1 and 2)

VP2 Service Payment Request (see VID info pages 1 and 2)

DE217 Outline (Part D Determine the Vendor Identification Number (VID)

Help Screens

Press PF6 for online GGV command help.

Press PF10 for the *DEFINE Online Information Center. Information can be found using search words like VID, PIN, primary name, and Payee Identification Number.

GGV Tips

Tips on completing the GGV document.

Payee Information Form

Handbook of Business Procedures forms page:

Primary name for individuals and sole-owners will be the name on the picture ID or social security card copy provided with the Payee Information Form

Enlarging when copying helps ID copies fax clearly.

Instructions at top of form (Individuals complete part I & IV, Partnerships complete…).

Look at PIF for complete info before ending (signature, citizenship status of individuals and sole-owners, nonresident information, etc.).

If the name of an existing vendor changes, contact the VID Section via to have the name corrected. A new PIF is required when a vendor changes their name or citizenship status.

Internal Revenue Service form W-9

Payee Information Form is the University of Texas at Austin's version of an IRS W-9. A W-9 is acceptable in place of a PIF for all vendors except individuals, sole-owners and partnerships.

Direct Deposits & Wire Transfers:

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Authorization Form – Students Only.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Authorization Form – All other Vendors.

Direct deposits cannot be made to foreign banks.

Wire transfers - contact the Cash Management Section via because wire transfers require a VID number.

Employees and students can update their direct deposit information using UT Direct.

State mail code error message occurs when a VID number is used that has not been entered into the payee files of the State Comptroller's Office. Contact the VID Section  via to have a state mail code assigned and info sent to the state. Please include document ID# in email message to VID Section.

When state funds are used for direct deposit and a state mail code error message is generated, a physical address must be given to the VID Section. The State Comptroller's Office must have a physical address to accompany the direct deposit info. It takes two weeks to establish a direct deposit on the State Comptroller's files. Payments issued by the state for two weeks after the direct deposit info is received will be by check and not direct deposit.

No ownership type error message occurs when an existing file does not have the ownership info. Contact the VID Section via to have the ownership info entered into the system.

PIF error message occurs when a vendor does not have a PIF on file and is being paid for services

State Holds

Vendors are sometimes placed on hold by the State Comptroller's Office. If a vendor is on hold, contact the VID Section via for information on why the vendor is on hold. The vendor is on hold if they have an asterisk (*) next to the name on the GG3 and GG4 screens.


An assignment is when a company A (the assignor) sells (assigns) it Accounts Receivable to another company B (the assignee). The university does not accept assignments. Company A is paid using c/o company B as a mailing address.

Employees as Vendors

Per UTS159: Purchasing, Employees (or relative of an employed) can not be used as vendors Per HBP 7.7.2


The university does not issue checks to itself. Contact Payment Information via to do an interdepartmental transfer of funds (IDT) when paying another department of the university.

Inactive VID numbers

Reactivate a vendor inactivated after 18 months of no activity by submitting a GGV document. If the vendor has a Payee Information Form on file, it will carry forward from the inactive file to the newly created file.