Accounts Payable Services

The Accounts Payable section creates, reviews and approves documents and maintains the Vendor Identification System and generate payments to those vendors. We provide accurate and complete information about those documents to our customers and assist them in understanding the entire payment process.

Most-Accessed Documents

Co-Sponsorship Procedures

An Introduction, Requirements and Procedures from Expenditure Procedures in the Handbook of Business Procedures

Improved VP1 Document

"Crosswalk" software translates purchasing information into accurate accounting transactions.

Payment Voucher Processing

Payments for goods and services received through or outside the Purchase Order process.

Check Pick-Up

Check Distribution Code "P" guidelines and procedures.

Vendor Information

This system is in UT Direct and requires proper authorizations in *DEFINE.

Procurement Card Information

Details about the purchasing card program for faculty and staff, including card application and other helpful information.

Quick Reference for Payment Voucher Preparation

University of Texas at Austin employees are responsible for ensuring that vendors are paid correctly, easily able to identify the payment, paid in a timely manner and in accordance with various laws, guidelines, rules, procedures, etc.

Telecommunications Fees Taxes and Surcharges (PDF)

This PDF describes (i) telecommunications fees, taxes and surcharges for eligible DIR Customers who are tax exempt governmental entities and (ii) applicable exemptions from such fees, taxes and surcharges for certain categories of eligible DIR Customers.

Assigning Inventory Object Codes (PDF)

Object Code Flow Chart in PDF format.

Vendor ID Maintenance

The Vendor Identification (VID) Section is responsible for the maintenance of the Vendor Identification System.

Foreign Currency Exchange Rates

Current foreign currency exchange rates are provided on the Web by OANDA.

Special Processing Issues for VPM Documents

For Post Pay Audit, Duplicate Payment Audit, Membership Dues, Subscriptions, Registrations, Attachments, Check Distribution, Check Pick Up, State Mail Code Needed & Payee Information Form (PIF).

Post Payment Audit

Beginning June 15, 2000, the majority of payment vouchers less than $1,000 will not require pre-approval by Payment Services but approve after all department signatures are obtained.