Vendor Resources

Vendor Handbook

Introduction and General Information


The Purchasing Office is located in the UTA Building. Visitor parking is limited.

1616 Guadalupe St.
UTA, Suite 3.302
Austin, TX 78701
Phone: 512-471-4266

Business Hours

Normal business hours are 8 a.m.-noon and 1-5 p.m. Appointments are recommended. We request that sales calls be limited to ten (10) minutes.


The Purchasing Office is responsible for the procurement of all supplies, materials, equipment, and services for The University of Texas at Austin. The university assumes no liability for payments of obligations except those incurred in accordance with current purchasing regulations. To provide the best possible service to the university, Purchasing Office professional personnel assignments are made by department rather than commodity.


Provisions of the Board of Regents' Rules and Regulations, the State Purchasing Act of 1979, and the university's Purchasing Procedures govern the purchasing policies of the university. Purchases are made on a competitive bid basis whenever possible. All employees of the university are prohibited from receiving any gift or gratuity in connection with any purchasing activity.

Purchase Orders

An official purchase order contains an authorized purchase order number and signature. It is the only recognized method for the purchase of goods or materials obligating the university for payment. Vendors are encouraged to ensure that a valid purchase order is approved prior to processing the order.

Loaner and/or Demonstration Equipment

Vendors' representatives may provide demonstrator or loaner equipment for purposes of exploration/examination. This is done entirely at the option of the vendor and with no commitment by the university.

Note: Items left on campus on a "sold" or "hold" basis do not constitute a valid sale.

Public Information Requests

Bids that have opened and purchase orders that indicate the price of supplies, materials, equipment, or services are available under the Texas Public Information Act by making a written request to the Office of the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Requests for this information should specify Purchase Order Number or Bid Invitation Number. Purchasing employees are not required or encouraged to provide bid tabulations by telephone. Request for Proposal (RFP) information is only public after the corresponding purchase order or contract has been executed. For more information on how to submit a request, refer to "What Constitutes An Open Records Request" on the Open Records Request page.

Tax Status

The University of Texas at Austin claims an exemption from taxes under Chapter 20, Title 122A, Revised Civil Statutes of Texas, for the purchase of tangible personal property, as this property is being secured for the exclusive use of The State of Texas. Each purchase order contains the tax exempt certificate. The university's Federal I.D. number is 74-6000203.

Delivery of Materials

Campus Distribution Services accepts delivery of most goods ordered by the university.

2706 Montopolis Dr
Austin, TX 78741

6 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Any questions regarding delivery to this location should be directed to Campus Distribution Services at 512-232-3915.

Certain types of items must be delivered directly to the ordering college, school or unit (CSU) rather than to Campus Distribution Services. The purchase order will specify the appropriate delivery address. If you have questions about delivery through Central Receiving, see the Purchasing Office Receiving website.

Substitutions of items specified in a purchase order are not permitted without Purchasing's prior written approval.