Voucher Checklist

As employees of The University of Texas at Austin it is our responsibility to ensure that vendors are paid correctly, are easily able to identify the payment, are paid in a timely manner and in accordance with various laws, guidelines, rules, procedures, etc. The following information will assist in executing those responsibilities.

Vendor's UT EID

To ensure that the correct vendor UT EID is selected, verify the FEIN or SSN of the payee. The name and address attached to the vendor's UT EID must match the "Remit To" information, as specified on the invoice, bill, or other payment request from the payee/vendor.

Goods/Service Received

The Goods/Service Received Dates Beg: End: fields must be the date(s) the material was accepted or the services were performed. This date (or these dates) must also be clearly indicated on the invoice with an appropriate signature (not initials). Also acceptable is the received date (with appropriate signature) on the bills of lading, or packing slips, that come with ordered items instead of the invoice. In some instances, the receipt information is recorded in an electronic receiving report or in a printed copy of email with digital certificate or signature.

Invoice Receive Date

The Invoice Received Date: field is the date that the correct invoice/bill/payment request was first received by the paying department (mailed, faxed, hand delivered). This date must be clearly indicated on the invoice/bill/payment request.

Requested Payment Date

Advance payments such as registration fees for conferences, seminars, meetings, etc. should indicate the beginning date of the conference, seminar, meeting, etc. in the Received Dates Beg: field and the ending date in the End field. The Requested Payment Date field should be completed with a date that will insure that the payment will be made in sufficient time for the payee to register the attendees.

Invoice Nbr

The Invoice Nbr: field is the information that the payee/vendor needs to identify the payment. This should include the vendor assigned invoice number only. The vendor assigned account number should be entered in the “Comments/Ref” area. The allowable characters in the Invoice Nbr: field are alpha, numeric, blanks, periods, asterisks, dashes, slashes (/), comma, colon, and number sign If no vendor assigned invoice number is available, enter information/text that will allow the payee/vendor to identify the payment. This information may be supplemented in the "Comments/Ref" area. Note that these comment lines print first on the check stub followed by the information in the invoice number field(s). (Special Note for State Funds - Only the first 14 characters of the first Invoice Number field print on the State warrant stub. A copy of the payment voucher is sent with each warrant to assist the payee/vendor in identifying the payment.)

Check Distribution or Ck Dist

The normal check distribution code is "U" for U.S. Mail. This field must be changed to "T" if attachments must be mailed with the check, such as registration forms for a conference, license renewal forms, etc. Copies of invoices should not routinely be sent with the check. The information printed on the check stub should be sufficient for the vendor to properly identify payment. Payments made by Direct Deposit (ACH) cannot have attachments.

Any document that does not follow these minimum guidelines may result in delayed payment, failure to receive proper credit for your payments, making payments to wrong vendor or wrong vendor address, which could cause interest penalties, or Post Payment Audit findings.

As employees of The University of Texas at Austin it is also our responsibility to safeguard the funds entrusted to us by ensuring that all payments are for legitimate expenses that benefit the University in accomplishing its goals. We are to guard against duplicate payments, inappropriate payments and report any attempt to defraud the University to the proper authorities.