Formal Bid Opportunities

The Purchasing Office publically posts its formal bid opportunities online. Visit the university’s BidWeb for solicitation documents associated with Invitation to Bid (ITB) opportunities that are currently open. Solicitation documents for other formal bid opportunities (Request for Information, Request for Qualification, Request for Proposal) that are currently open and Request for Proposal opportunities that have closed (those undergoing contract negotiations or have executed contracts in place) can be found below.

Potential respondents are responsible for monitoring the solicitation documents for any updates.

The University of Texas at Austin is committed to providing maximum practicable opportunity to all business concerns, federal and State of Texas Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB), to compete for contracts through its procurement activities. The HUB/SB Program office is dedicated to that commitment. You are encouraged to contact the HUB/SB program, 512-471-2851, with questions regarding good faith efforts to ensure full and equal opportunity for all businesses to supply goods and services to the University. 

This page also points to other online bid lists that may be of interest. Please direct any questions about bids or specifications to the pages' owners.

Open ITB Opportunities

Other Open Opportunities




Solicitation Documents

Due Date


ITB 02101086-MPCFM AeroSpace Clean Room January 14, 2021 Submit Here
ITB 02101259-ACANG StarDate Radio Production February 3, 2021 Submit Here

Closed Opportunities




Solicitation Documents

Contract Expiration Date

RFCSP RFCSP-GC830649-210003 Seay Faculty Renovation and Clinical Psychology Restructure  
ITB 02101319-ACANG Ford Transit Connect XL Wagons  
RFP 721-2107 Faculty Compensation Equity Study  
ITB 02101110-MPKLP Custom Concession Food Trailer  
RFP 721-2101 Communication Access Real-Time Translation (CART) Services  
ITB 02002340-MPCFM ServiceNow Licenses  
ITB 02101125-MPCFM Titanium  
ITB 02101148-MPCFM Intel Integrated Circuits  
ITB 02101122-ACANG Custom Computer System  
ITB 02002330-MPCFM Okonite Shielded Power Cable  
ITB 02101115 -MPCFM Platesetter  
ITB 02101067-MPCFM RAID Storage Server  
RFP 721-2102 Network Centralization Planning, Preparation and Execution  
ITB 02002238-MPCFM Door Locks and Hardware  
RFP 721-2023 Athletics Compliance and Information Management Software  
ITB 01902400-MPKLP Water Booster Pump Installation  
ITB 2020-04-MPCFM GPU Servers  
RFP 721-2019 Internet Service Provider Services  
RFP 721-2004 Printing and Mailing Services for Conference Marketing Materials  
ITB 02001473-MPCFM 15 Ton Hoist  
RFP 721-2014 IT Internal Audit Co-Sourced Services  
ITB 02001930-MPCFM GPU Servers  
ITB 2020-03-MPMKJ Tents and Supporting Equipment Purchase  
ITB 01902591-ACANG 2020 Ford Transit Connect XL 7 Passenger Wagons  
ITB 01902598-ACANG Ford F-150 Supercabs 4X2  
RFP 721-2018 VIRUS2 Spectrograph Gratings  
ITB 02001861-MPKLH VIRUS2 Grating Prisms FAB Tag 938416  
RFP 721-2016 Custodial Services for McCombs School of Business  
RFP 721-2002 Mobile Parking Payment Services  
RFP 721-2020 Off-Campus Apartment Finding Software  
RFP 721-2013 Integration Engine Software for Dell Medical School and UT Health Austin  
SOQ 721-2001 Executive Search Services  
RFP 721-2012 Athletics Compliance and Information Management Software  
RFP 721-2010 Comprehensive Special Event Services  
ITB 2020-01-MPMKJ Sale of Printing Equipment  
RFP 721-2003 Athletics Licensing, Marketing and Store Operator  
RFP 721-2008

Continuing Education – Financial Planning Certificate Program  
RFP 721-2006 Capital Campaign Marketing and Communications Strategy  
RFP 721-2009 VIRUS2 Spectrograph Camera Lenses  


721-2001 Citation Collection Services  
RFP 721-1901 Mobile Application Development  
RFP 721-1902 Wi-Fi Internet Services for Guests RFP canceled prior to submittal deadline.  
RFP 721-1903 Printing, Binding, and Distribution  of Law Journals  
RFQ/RFP 721-1904 Research Management System Replacement  
RFP 721-1905 Distributed Antenna System Consulting Services  
RFP 721-1906 Continuing Education Training Services  
RFP 721-1907 Exterior Window Cleaning Services  
RFP 721-1908 Advertising and Public Relations Services  
RFP 721-1909 Mobile Safety Application  
RFI 721-1910 Athletics Merchandising  
ITB 2019-01-MPMKJ Sale of Printing Equipment  
RFP 721-1911 Interactive Digital Tool Design and Development  
RFP 721-1912 Custodial Services  
RFP 721-1913 Inside Cabling Services  
RFP 721-1914 Outside Cabling Services  
RFP 721-1915 Branding and Marketing Services  
RFP 721-1916 Printing and Direct Mail Services  
RFP 721-1918 Digital Advertising Services  
RFP 721-1922 Real Estate and Development Consulting Services  

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Continuing Education Training Services