Depending on the purchase, items ordered on purchase orders or using a University of Texas at Austin Procurement Card (Procard) may be received at the Campus Distribution Services dock or directly at the department. The following items may not be shipped to the Campus Distribution Services dock as they do not have the equipment to store and/or deliver the items to the departments or services that are being procured:

  • Repair services or maintenance
  • Any equipment that requires installation and/or set up by the vendor
  • Food for human consumption
  • Live plants or animals
  • Wet or dry ice
  • Bottled gases
  • Items that are very fragile and should be handled as little as possible, such as plate glass, sheet rock, or very delicate scientific equipment
  • Unusually large or heavy items such as steel beams or large concrete samples
  • Bulk petroleum products delivered in 55-gallon drums

Departments may want to consider shipping the following items directly to their locations to expedite receipt:

  • Parts required for an urgent repair
  • Any type of publication
  • Items required to address an emergency

All shipments require proof of receipt; for items shipped to Campus Distribution Services, the evidence of receipt is the receiving document, or PD1, created in POINT Plus. For shipments received in the department, receipt must be evidenced by notation on the original itemized invoice of the date of receipt and the signature of the individual that received the shipment. Additional information is available at Voucher Checklist and in the Voucher Processing guide (PDF).

Any shipment that goes directly to Campus Distribution Services will be vouchered by Accounts Payable. Any shipment received directly in the department must be vouchered by the department.

Purchases made using a Procard may be shipped directly to the department. They may also be shipped to Campus Distribution Services provided that the package includes a note on the packing slip that states the purchase was made on a Procard and indicating the departmental contact. In either case, the department must note the date received and include the signature of the individual that received the shipment on the itemized receipt.