Sourcing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for your departmental needs

College, schools, and units (CSUs) may obtain Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) through a survey tool designed to facilitate requests for both immediate and recurring needs. The PPE request tool remains active and available as a resource to secure PPE items.

A few points to remember regarding the PPE Request tool:

  • Contact your CSU business offices regarding access to the PPE Request form, as the CSU business officers are the control point responsible for PPE orders being fulfilled for their areas.
  • When submitting a request through the survey tool please pay close attention to the unit of measure for items requested. Units of measure can change as we work with different suppliers to ensure availability of PPE
  • When completing a request for PPE, please ensure you provide a contact phone number. Someone must be present to receive the delivery of PPE items requested.
  • Visit the FAQ resource to find answers to some of the common questions we’ve received relating to the usage of the request form. Please note that these FAQs only cover purchasing questions related to PPE.